You have nothing to hide, right? So why do you care if hackers, snoops, busy-bodies and peeping-toms track and read your emails?

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We use only 256-bit or higher SSL encryption; the same standard used by banks and governments to protect their confidential e-mails.

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We keep no user logs, we don’t track your login data, or I.P. address or the secret “metadata” that your browser gives up to every web server.

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We encrypt our e-mails on our servers. We can’t read them ourselves. We actively block spam and viruses 24/7 from getting to you.

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You are being tracked. You are being watched. You are being spied upon.
Take back your privacy now!

Welcome to gcMail, the private, secure, easy-to-use e-mail service from GC.Net

gcMail is designed to secure your private e-mail communications against hackers, crooks, spies, and the “data overlords” who open, read, copy, share and sell your most private thoughts to advertisers, government agencies and others who are tracking your every movement through the internet and in the real world.

If you know how to use Yahoo or Google or AOL Mail, you can use gcMail instantly.

gcMail is designed for the firearms community by life members of the National Rifle Association who care about our 4th Amendment Right to Privacy.

About us.

GC.NET was started by a seasoned team of advanced computer programmers and internet experts in the United States and elsewhere who became disenchanted with using the so-called “free” e-mail services offered by Google, Yahoo, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL, and their cousins. These well-known companies read, track and sell their e-mail “metadata” and contents to advertisers, research organizations and government agencies.

We decided to create our own low-cost, but feature rich, privacy-oriented and secure e-mail service. We designed it to work like regular e-mail does. Instantly. That’s what we’ve done after many months of design and programming.

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At this time, gcMail is open by invitation only to members of the firearms industry in good standing. This includes all gun owners, dealers, manufacturers, distributors, industry press and other people who uphold and support the Second Amendment to the US Constitution:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

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