You have nothing to hide, right? So why do you care if hackers, snoops, busy-bodies and peeping-toms track and read your emails?

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We use only 256-bit or higher SSL encryption; the same standard used by banks and governments to protect their confidential e-mails.

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We keep no user logs, we don’t track your login data, or I.P. address or the secret “metadata” that your browser gives up to every web server.

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We encrypt our e-mails on our servers. We can’t read them ourselves. We actively block spam and viruses 24/7 from getting to you.

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About us.

GC.NET was started by a seasoned team of advanced computer programmers and internet experts in the United States and elsewhere who became disenchanted with using the so-called “free” e-mail services offered by Google, Yahoo, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL, and their cousins. These well-known companies read, track and sell their e-mail “metadata” and contents to advertisers, research organizations and government agencies.

We decided to create our own low-cost, but feature rich, privacy-oriented and secure e-mail service. We designed it to work like regular e-mail does. Instantly. That’s what we’ve done after many months of design and programming.

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